New Year 2014 begins….

Notes about how this New Year opened:

My one-person show finished at City Café, with wonderful private commissions and sales of my paintings to Dallas art collectors and animal lovers.  Fourteen paintings from my Animal Series were exhibited through the first week of this year.

Many thanks to Karim Alaoui, owner and gracious proprietor of City Café. Stop and have lunch or dinner at his restaurant on 5757 West Lovers Lane.

“Splash” at Sarasota Ranch Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick Acrylic on canvas 38-1/2” x 34-1/2”

“Splash” at Sarasota Ranch | Animal Paintings Series
Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick
Acrylic on canvas
38-1/2” x 34-1/2”

I was honored to be selected by the Dallas Museum of Art to be a guest artist at their annual Junior Associates “Curator’s Choice” event.  My curatorial pick, from the collection currently on display, was a painting by one of my favorite artists, John Singer Sargent.


Artist: John Singer Sargent, American
This portrait was believed to have been painted in Sargent’s London where he used this chair as a prop – see chair arm to the left.

And, the February/ March 2014 issue of Patron Magazine features the home of art collectors, Jose Gomez, MD and Francis Luttmer. They own one of my paintings from my Emergent Series body of work titled, “Emergent Series – Finding Johnny Depp.” They’ve become friends who I always enjoy seeing at art and architecture events, including last year’s TWO x TWO at the Rachofsky’s home.


As 2014 progresses, I wish everyone a year of beauty and engagement in the arts, architecture, culture and kindness.

Best, Meg

Animals Galore

Friday night I attended the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) annual awards dinner. I was there to root for my many friends in the design community, particularly Gus Hinojosa and his team at Hinojosa Architecture & Interiors. They won top prize in the Design Excellence Award Institutional and Educational Category for the new SPCA of Texas facility. From first-hand experience, I can tell you it’s a beautiful building with an interior design that invites people and animals.

Hinojosa Architecture & Interiors | Dallas, Texas 
Winner of 2012 IIDA Design Excellence Award 
SCPA of Texas | Dallas

This building and the good works done at the SPCA and Dallas Animal Services (both on N. Westmoreland Road off I-30) inspired me to adopt (rescue) two kittens last week from the shelter. Here are the new furry additions to my home. Welcome “Midnight” and “Reuben.”

“Midnight” | The black short-haired cat is a very lively spirit. He thinks my house is an Indy 500 race track.

“Reuben” | Ruddy short-haired cat. With a more reserved personality, Reuben hid in a clothes closet for two days.

And, there was another animal-related activity this week.  My website was revised to include examples of the animal paintings I have done over the years. Click here for the new gallery tab.

Many of these paintings were commissioned.

The English Bulldog, “Lola,” was a surprise gift from a husband to his wife to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  And, “Lily,” a St. Bernard, was a “just because I love you gift” from another husband to his wife.

English Bulldog “Lola” | acrylic on panel | 24” x 13-1/2” Private commission | Tampa, Florida
Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick

St. Bernard “Lily” | acrylic on canvas | 20” x 24”  
Private commission | Sarasota, Florida
Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick

After I had finished another St. Bernard portrait, commissioned by a Massachusetts couple, I painted “Doggie Day Care” (see below) for the fun of it.  The owners told me where they boarded their dog during the day while they were at work. The place took only Black Labs, Bernese Mountain Dogs and St. Bernards.  Intrigued with camera in-hand, I visited the daycare center. The source image for the painting below is a small section of one photo, tightly cropped because I liked the composition and how the dogs formed a carnival conga line and smiled at me.

“Doggie Day Care” | acrylic on canvas | 44” x 44”
Available (price on request)
Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick

Until next week, enjoy your animals, families, friends and the Olympics Closing Ceremony tonight.


Versatility – Being Open and Curious

I think many of us who are curious by nature continually seek the new and different. You can be in any field and possess an ongoing openness to learning. As an artist, I’m drawn to exploring different styles, media and techniques.

And, last week I was reminded of this.

A colleague from long ago, who had left the business world to pursue her passion in animal rights and equestrian training, contacted me about my animal paintings. I had been known to her for my interpretative pet portraits, having done many on commission. When she went to my redesigned website, the e-gallery now showcases my current body of more abstract work. So, I sent her JPEGs of the paintings with which she was familiar; and was reminded of the versatility seen in my art over the many decades of practice.

For those of you who are not familiar with the animal series, here are some examples:

Weimaraner –
“Lucy” | Acrylic on board | 11-1/4” x 13” (Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick)

“Pug Parade” for Sarasota Magazine 2004 issue | Gouache on paper | 28” x 35” (Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick)

Australian Sheperd – “Blue Eyes” | oil on canvas | 12” x 12” (Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick)

Yesterday at the Dallas International Film Festival, Laura Linney talked about life as an actor. She became animated when she talked about colleagues of “tremendous range.” Those who say “Yes, I can” when given a script that seems against their type. She was not surprised when Paul Giamatti (questioned by some as the right choice) nailed his role in HBO’s John Adams. He was her example of range. Giamatti won both the Emmy and Golden Globe as Lead Actor for this role.

Linney’s point about developing range, to me, is what makes an artist (really any creative person in any field or occupation) stretch, experiment and explore different approaches to their work. And then, when they have been at it long enough with some mastery, they are called versatile which I find a compliment.

…until Sunday, April 29th.