An Assignment – How A Commission Begins

The other day an art consultant asked me about the photo below which I had taken as a self-portrait and posted on my website:

Landscape | Marfa, Texas 2010 (photo: Meg Fitzpatrick)

That’s me and my shadow cast over an agave growing in arid, Marfa, Texas soil. The consultant gave me an assignment based on her client’s specs: Snap more images that suggest Texas outdoors. Gravitate towards plants and settings steeped in sepia tones (no bright colors). Create a visual experience of nature through organic, abstract shapes.

That’s an assignment I’ll be completing throughout the week. Next Sunday, I’ll share the results on my blog.

In the meantime, Olympic fever has hit my home and friends. My favorite opening ceremony moment was when the Queen and her Corgis welcomed James Bond, Agent 007, into her offices at Buckingham Palace. The clip was actually filmed there with the real Queen Elizabeth and two of her Corgis. Agent 007 and she (body doubles, both) parachuted from a helicopter into the stadium. She’s the new “Bond Girl” and a good sport.

Note: In a later chat with London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, the Queen said she hadn’t watched the video with the stadium audience. She just hoped it got a laugh. I think she’s funnier and wittier than her stoic face, purse and pumps will ever let us know.

Queen, played by herself, with Agent 007, played by actor, Daniel Craig. They are headed to the helicopter which transported them to Opening Ceremonies at the Olympic Stadium (photo: BBC)

Until next week. Enjoy the Olympics – Go Team USA.