Announcing Two Launches this Week

Meg in Home Hallway | Painting: "Tribute to Mr. Stella" | acrylic canvas 18" x 36" (photo: teresa rafidi)

My revamped website went live this week. Words of thanks go to Pat and Gary Neeble, owners of Studio16. They have been my web team for close to a decade, and have redone my online e-gallery to reflect my current body of art.

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I have the honor of being invited to be part of an online gallery, The Art Menu, with the likes of local talents Anita Horton, Carmen Menza and Tamara White. Here is what the Advisory Board said when reviewing and then selecting my paintings:

“The allure of Fitzpatrick’s hide-and-seek compositions taunts the viewer to search for hidden images and discover the secrets of her narrative. Her bold colors and non-symmetrical shapes work to reveal not only powerful energy but peaceful and tranquil moments. Although she allows freedom for the paint to frolic across the picture plane, a controlled restraint acknowledges when the composition is unified and can come to rest.”

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This site is meant for collectors who are interested in museum-quality prints of originals as an affordable way to own art.  My thanks to David Hobbs and his business partner, Andrew Speillman, the guys who launched this concept. Also gratitude to David’s wife, the gifted photographer, Robyn Hobbs, who took the black and white photos, and Taylor Stensrud for his technical expertise.

Enjoy everyone’s art and creative spirit. Have a great a week.