Another Painting Commission – The Beatles this time

A young Dallas couple had seen a painting in my Emergent Series and wanted to commission a piece for a certain space in their home. We met to discuss the details and overall theme of images they wanted hand-drawn into the abstraction.  I hadn’t expected them to say, “We want The Beatles. We want a retrospective of The Beatles starting from when Pete Best was the original drummer to when the group disbanded” – an amazing 18 Grammys and 43 Rolling Stone covers garnered in their time together.

I was, and still am, a big Beatles fan starting with their performance on the Ed Sullivan show. Doing research for this piece was going to be a blast….I was clapping my hands with joy.

Emergent Series: “Being The Beatles”Acrylic on canvas | 60” x 84”Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick | 2013(photo: Meg Fitzpatrick)

Emergent Series: “Being The Beatles”
Acrylic on canvas | 60” x 84”
Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick | 2013
(photo: Meg Fitzpatrick)

I remember back to a Sunday night in February 1964. My family gathered with dinner trays and grilled cheese, tomato and bacon sandwiches in front of our TV – this was our weekly routine to wind down and get everybody (six of us) ready for school and work on Monday. Ed Sullivan came on and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen – Theeeeee Beatles.” Seventy-five million people viewed the charismatic mop-haired imports from Liverpool. Beatlemania officially hit the nation.

Playing the Emergent Series game, a viewer (if they stare long enough) finds hand-drawn images throughout. There’s even text on the side of the canvas which was suggested by my client and a new touch for me. Fresh ideas come from good collaborations, conversations and clients. Below is the painting in my studio with “Let It Be:”

In my studio, side detail from Emergent Series: “Being The Beatles”(photo: Meg Fitzpatrick)

In my studio, side detail from Emergent Series: “Being The Beatles”
(photo: Meg Fitzpatrick)

Below is a detail with George Harrison. I found, as I sketched all of them, that John’s and George’s faces and features morphed and changed the most over time.


And, here’s Sir Paul:

The Beatles released 205 songs through Capitol and Apple.Factoid:  John wrote 70 songs, Paul 52 and George 22. John and Paul co-wrote 52 songs.

The Beatles released 205 songs through Capitol and Apple.
Factoid: John wrote 70 songs, Paul 52 and George 22. John and Paul co-wrote 52 songs.

Here’s the lovely North Dallas couple with their commission soon after it was hung. They were very happy which makes me very happy.


The Emergent Series continues next with a “shout-out” to great American architects. I’ve been polling my friends about their favorite American architects. Here’s the list so far:Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Kahn, Louis Sullivan, Frank Gehry, Philip Johnson, H.H. Richardson, I.M. Pei.

I’m curious, who are the American architects you most admire? Let me know and they might be drawn into my next painting.

Until next month….


8 thoughts on “Another Painting Commission – The Beatles this time

  1. I continue to love your emergent series – and now even the sides of the paintings. In terms of architects, Gaudi, Gang and Gehry (the 3 G’s!!) are my current favorites. Stephanie

  2. And we must remember….Maya Lin. I will always remember when she burst on the scene winning the Vietnam memorial competition!

  3. Hi Meg,
    Meg ~ Perhaps Howard Meyer wasn’t known globally but did so much for the dallas landscape. If you add any Dallas architects he would be one to consider. You already have one of my favorite on the list, Frank Gehry.
    Love your Beatles emergent series.

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