Collage Paintings with MoMA

Back in 2010, I enrolled in a MoMA experiment which was interested in how well a studio art class could be taught online. The New York museum timed the painting curriculum and exercises with the launch of a major Abstract Expressionist retrospective.  The experience for all involved was successful. Still offered, I highly recommend “Materials and Techniques of Postwar Abstract Painting” for folks wanting to paint and learn more about the AbEx movement.

This October, I enrolled in another online MoMA class, “Experimenting with Collage.” I’d like to share one class assignment.

We were given instructions about “drawing with scissors,” which meant we were to follow a method Matisse used as he began to lose eyesight in his later years. He’d select brightly colored papers, cut lines and shapes, and then tell his studio assistant where to place each piece on a supportive surface.

My collage “paintings” from cut papers were inspired by…..

Bocce ball parties

Halloween, my favorite holiday

Fall season, leaves piled in my front yard

One summer season when my dressing style included a dainty, rhinestone flower toe ring

I’ll be back in two weeks, on November 18th, with a new post. Enjoy your week.


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