Daylight Savings | Spring Renewals

Last night we reset our clocks and remembered the ditty, “Spring forward. Fall back.” For me, spring is about going forward, renewals and becoming more alert, after a semi-slumber in the coldness of winter.

Each year just before I adjust my clocks, I start to notice birds chirping earlier and louder in the mornings. It’s time to admire the daffodils blooming around Dallas and in my yard. One of my Spring season rituals is to fill a vase inscribed with “Happy Dog” (a message that captures how I feel when daylight savings happens) with these bright yellow flowers.

“Happy Dog” vase that I bought with my sister, Anne, on a memorable road trip through Massachusetts and Vermont

Even though the azaleas blossom along Preston Road every spring, the pop of fuchsia always surprises me when it first starts. For all of my friends who live in Dallas and haven’t yet taken this route recently, the bushes just started their show.

The visual delight of azaleas | Preston Road just South of Mockingbird Road

Spring is also a time when my creativity flows more effortlessly. (Side note: I suspect I was a grizzly bear in a prior life.). I’m more alert and awake to my surroundings because I like noticing the newly resurrected colors, smells and sounds. Below is a study of “Hope Springs Eternal” from a series of small abstraction paintings that I did in 2009 as a way to explore certain concepts about time (like the seasons), people and relationships, without using figurative imagery.

Hope Springs External (2009) | Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick | 2” x 2” oil on masonite board

Enjoy the extra hour of sunshine in your day. The first official day of Spring 2012 is March 20th…until next Sunday.

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