Emergent Series – A New Painting

I launched this website last year with a story about how a body of work, which I call the “Emergent Series,” evolved and I promised to share new paintings. Here is the most recent, “Emergent Series: Finding Tom Ford.”

“Emergent Series: Finding Tom Ford” | Artist: Meg Fitzpatrick| 24” x 48” acrylic and metallic paint on board (photo: Expert Imaging, Inc.)

For this one, as with all of them, I invite you to play a game and find recognizable faces – Woody Allen, Allen Cummings, Tom Ford (two of him), Jake Gyllenhaal, Christopher “Hitch” Hitchens (may he rest in peace), Haruki Murakami (the Japanese novelist who recently published 1Q84), Christopher Plummer and my brother as a kid diving into a pool.

Detail of Tom Ford and Christopher Hitchens from “Emergent Series: Finding Tom Ford”

Next Saturday, “Finding Tom Ford” will be available at the F.I.G. – Fashion Industry Gallery and the 2012 Toast To Life Gala. All proceeds from this sale will benefit the Resource Center of Dallas and their ongoing work with HIV/ AIDS programs and services. For event tickets: http://www.toasttolife.org.

Detail of Woody Allen from “Emergent Series: Finding Tom Ford”

Enjoy the Academy Awards next Sunday. I’m rooting for “The Artist” as Best Picture, Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” for best original screen play and have more picks for the other categories. I’ll be glued to the show, ready to do a blog in two weeks…

…until Sunday, March 11th.

1 thought on “Emergent Series – A New Painting

  1. The gala will be a terrific place to see the painting and what emerges “up close and personal.” Hidden pictures can be fascinating! S.W.

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