Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas throw an Unforgettable Dinner

This invitation arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago. CADD, an association of 14 Contemporary Art Dealers in Dallas, was trying an experiment – a mystery destination dinner with the place revealed only after a reservation was made – as a way to raise funds for scholarships and educational programs. It intrigued me, but I was distracted by other requests, and responded “Yes” much later, only after a gentle nudge from my friend, Laura Green, Director at Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

All over town the homes of Dallas art collectors, gallery owners and artists were open to us. We were assigned to one for the evening. My mystery destination was the home of art collector, Susan Reese – an excellent cook assisted by her daughter and son-in-law…who take family fly fishing trips where I can imagine, based on last night’s relaxed atmosphere, there is much lively conversation and a lot of laughter. The CADD co-host was Brian Gibb, owner of The Public Trust gallery in Deep Ellum. Yes, he still has his signature barbershop moustache and it suits him well.

The night was different and much fun. We ended at the MAC/ McKinney Avenue Contemporary for dessert and dancing to the beat of Watson Electric, with CADD member and gallery owner Barry Whistler working the drums.

Mystery Dinner at home of artist Rusty Scruby and Hampton Burwick. CADD host Cris Worley Fine Arts. (photo courtesy: CADD/ Cris Worley)

“Eat your Art out” was a sold out event. Next time, I will be among the first to reserve a place at the table – no hesitation on my end.

Until next Sunday…

7 thoughts on “Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas throw an Unforgettable Dinner

  1. Our dinner that we co-hosted with Valley House at the Vogel home was incredible! Cheryl Vogel prepared a fantastic dinner for 18 people! Lots of good food, wine and great conversation with new friends was what it was all about….the main topic being art, surrounded in an artful setting.
    We may do this twice a year….who knows? The after party was great too! Everyone was in a good mood after their unique dining experience. And Barry Whistler’s band was great!
    Sign up for upcoming events news on
    Missy Finger, PDNB Gallery, DAllas

    • Missy –
      I can easily imagine the dinner at Valley House and the Vogel’s modern home was a magical evening, given the garden oasis surrounding the gallery. This is one of my favorite places in Dallas – a true oasis. From the feedback created by this Sunday’s blog among my friends I have seen in person or received their e-mails, the next Mystery Destination will fill quickly….a positive buzz is spreading around town.
      See you at the Farley CADD event and Dallas Contemporary on February 11th.
      My best, Meg

  2. thanks again Meg for another wonderful blog (just like the great one last week, which I also I sent to my mom and she also loved both). Yes we too will be signing up for this dinner next year also, and the 2/11 tour too, which sounds outstanding- Susan Ernst .

  3. Thank you so much Meg for your participation and highlighting the dinner in your Sunday Blog!

    For those who want to save-the-date for the next CADD dinner, please subscribe your email at and you’ll be the first to know about the next dinner so you can reserve your space early!

    Also, another great way to get connected with the arts in Dallas is to “Get on the Bus with CADD.” On these tours, you will visit artists’ studios, collectors’ homes, and see new exhibitions. The next CADD Bus Tour is Saturday, February 11.

    Thank you again Meg!
    – Laura

    • Laura –

      Having just read the CADD event description, the February 11th bus tour will feature site-specific murals by Shepard Fairey. He’s the Los Angeles-based street artist – illustrator – designer best known for his iconic Obama 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign poster, “HOPE.”

      At last week’s DMA “State of the Art” talk, KERA’s Jeff Whittington asked the panelists to recommend an upcoming or current exhibition. Panelist and Director of Dallas Contemporary, Peter Doroshenko, suggested we all see the 12 murals Fairey will create throughout the city, focusing on West Dallas neighborhoods.

      I’m signing up for this one.

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