First Day of Autumn

Dallas Contemporary Architecture overlooking White Rock Lake

Today is August 25th, the start of Autumn 2011 and my second blog entry. Here’s an idea. Each first day of a season, I’ll write about how this time of year affects my artist’s sensibilities – sight, sound, smell,taste, touch or could be the 6th sense.

My (almost) daily walks around White Rock Lake – a gem tucked into nature-bursting neighborhoods not far from Dallas’s Central Business District and down the street from where I have my home and studio – are a time to slow down and find quietness. Mine is not a sweaty workout. Rather, it is a time to soak in anything that spontaneously catches my interest.

Texas Sage: Evergreen, full sun, and drought tolerant which was a good thing this summer

A cluster of Texas Sage shrubs has greeted me on my lake walks throughout this year’s 100+ F summer. In the past weeks, I’ve noticed that the sunlight has a new angle and casts different shapes and length of shadows from the sage and the contemporary home. Nature’s colors are now showcasing softer purples and greens – subdued violets and sage greens.  With autumn officially here, the shrub has sprouted its purple heads, nodding towards the lake, readying itself for winter, and making me ready for another upcoming change and season.

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